We work together!  Every year we select two or more members for each ministry team in addition to the administrative board members.  The teams set their own goals and schedules and involve as many church members and friends as are needed to meet those goals.  Working with a team is a great way to be a meaningful part of our community.

Worship & MUSIC

Members:  Annie McCaslin, Debbie Perry, Maria Quintal

  • Make efficient use of human resources to sustain weekly worship
  • Maintain an inclusive, strong music program
  • Create and offer special worship services to serve member needs
  • Allocate spending from open and restricted funds for worship-related purposes

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Church Family & Community LIFE

Members:  Tom Wilkinson, Mary Daly

  • Maintain weekly fellowship after worship over food
  • Develop small-group fellowship opportunities for multi-age and same age groups
  • Help care for our church family who are ill, shut-in, and otherwise in need
  • Allocate money from Hospitality Fund, Memorial Fund, and Scholarship Fund Facilities

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Mission & Outreach

Members:  Margo Brown, Evie Lewis, Jan Chorazy

  • Involve church family and community members in hands on projects.
  • Manage contributions and restricted funds for external missions.
  • Recommend special mission offerings, subject to approval by administrative board.

Our missions have included the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, Corning Food Pantry, Bampa's House and many others.  Join Us & Help Make a Difference!

Women's Fellowship

All women in the church are welcome

Women's Fellowship usually meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.   

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Faith Formation, Discipleship

Members:  Nicolette Wagner, Monica Meek

  • Learn about and deepening our faith through multiple opportunities for all
  • Develop and carry out programs that impact the next generation
  • Determine allocation of funds to support faith formation activities

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Buildings and Grounds

Members:  Jim Nelson, Rachel Hofstetter

  • Create a welcoming, safe & comfortable internal & external facility/environment
  • Provide care and custody of all church property, ensuring safe and proper use of the building and proper maintenance of the grounds.
  • Recommend funding for repairs and capital improvements as needed
  • Share our facility with the community as an example of our Christian hospitality

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Do you knit or crochet?  We keep a selection of prayer shawls to give to members and friends of the church who are in need of a few extra prayers.  The idea behind prayer shawls is that people feel embraced and loved by those who created the shawl. 



Since 2015 First Congregational UCC Corning and Emanuel Lutheran Church joined forces to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for donation to the Community Food Pantry.  We work together to plant, weed and harvest the garden located in the side yard here at First Congregational UCC.


When the First Congregational Church of Corning was founded in 1890, Walter Blair served as its first organist and choir director until his retirement in 1943. Walter’s daughters, Isabelle and Luella grew up in the church and shared their musical gifts. Luella served as an organist and Isabelle conducted the church orchestra. Through a generous bequest in 1982, the Blair family provided the initial funding and the inspiration for an annual community concert series. Carole Bigler was a gifted accompanist, performer, teacher and lecturer, who served as our church organist for nearly 40 years. When Carole Bigler passed away in 2009, memorial contributions in her name were added to support the music program and Carole’s name was added to the annual concert series. For 43 years Richard Perry was the church choir director. Upon his retirement in December of 2016 and as a show of affection and honor, members of the congregation added his name to what is now called the Blair-Bigler-Perry Concert Series. Through wise management of funds, the Blair-Bigler-Perry Concert Series has enriched the greater Corning community with music performances from talented artists for over 35 years.

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